OAK PR | GET READY TO GROW | 3 Ways to Speed Up Brand Awareness
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3 Ways to Speed Up Brand Awareness

3 Ways to Speed Up Brand Awareness

Building a brand can be slow and tedious.  You’re putting in long hours, you’re constantly devising ways to make the public aware of your brand, you’re tirelessly creating content and infographics,  but sales are barely coming in–if at all, and you’re starting to feel defeated.  You’re not alone.  Many of our clients have been in your shoes– even we have.  We get it.  Thankfully, there are ways to speed up the process.  Because we like to share, here’s a quick list of ways to speed up brand awareness.  You can thanks us later 🙂


Just like the name implies Growtraffic.com is a tool a brand or business can use to grow traffic to their website. Though it’s a paid service, many startups find the traffic they gain in such a short amount of time is well worth the investment.  So how does it work? Well first off you’ll need to determine your campaign goals.  Once you’ve determined your goal, whether it’s sales or subscriptions, then you move on to the next step; picking the number of visitors  you want to visit your site, and the duration of time you want to spread those visitors over. Obviously the more visitors you want, the higher the investment.  Next is the most important part; picking your target audience. Finding your niche and understanding your target audience is crucial in making sure you  get a return on any investment (ROI).  After you’ve selected your audience, you’re ready to place your order.  The process is fairly simple, and a quick Google search can help you determine whether this is the right investment for you.  Visit: www.growtraffic.com for more information. 


Celebrity endorsements can be a quick and efficient way of getting the word out about your brand.  This strategy works well when you’re selling a product that resonates with your chosen celebrity’s audience.  Depending on the level of celebrity, this can be affordable or quite pricey.  Again, Return On Investment is everything, so if you decide to go this route, make sure there is a clear and concise contract drawn up that details everything the celebrity is supposed to do to market your brand or product. Be as detailed as possible, as this will avoid miscommunication, and improve your chances of getting the results you want. To learn more about celebrity endorsements, click here.


Let’s face it.  Sometimes you just want to focus on your brand and your product/service and let the experts handle the rest.  Public relations firms are an excellent way to boost brand awareness. In a predominately digital age where people have access to the news instantaneously, the media is a powerful tool that can be used to make your presence known.  Many people are misinformed when it comes to public relations firms.  Despite what you may have heard, public relations firms are not reserved for celebrities and public figures.  Small businesses and brands can benefit from the expertise of a public relations firm by gaining them exposure through features and even routine press releases in various media outlets (websites, news sites, television, radio and podcasts).   Prices will range based on the firm, but it’s worth looking into if you’re looking for an efficient way of getting your company’s name out there.  Oak PR is currently offering free 30 minute consultations .  Contact us at info@oakpr.com to schedule your consultation today.